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Some of this information was originally published in Da Kine magazine
2410 Cleghorn St. #2302
Honolulu, HI 96815
Fax (808)922-6124

published in Outlook
a bi-montly newspaper of the
Gay & Lesbian Community Center
1566 Wilder Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822
Fax (808)951-7240









More Events From Martin Rice
and Martin's List Of LGBT Religious Societies in Hawaii

AFFIRMATION (Mormon) jamesc@aloha.net or 941-0578
OUR FAMILY CHRISTIAN CHURCH ofcc@aloha.net or 926-3090
ALOHA MCC alohamcc@juno.com or 223-5715
DIGNITY HONOLULU (Catholic) 536-5536
ARCHANGEL SANCTUARY (Orthodox) dolphinz@aloha.net or 941-0630
INTEGRITY (Episcopal) 262-6689
TRIOLOGY TUESDAY Kaua'i's homegrown eclectic groups, doquinn@gte.net, 822-7932

November 19, Friday MEN'S COMMUNITY BONFIRE, sunset, Kealia Beach at the 10-mile marker, just north of the Kealia Stream, weather permitting.  BYOBeverage, something to sit on, and hot dogs if you wish to roast.  Condiments & buns provided.  Fred & Martin 822-7171 or lambda@aloha.net.

November 19, Friday to November 21, Sunday POLIHALE CAMPOUT.  Get your permits from the DLNR now.  Women and Neighbor Islanders welcome. BYOEverything:  tents, food, liquid refreshments, camping gear.  Don't depend upon others to supply you with your basic needs.  Contact Jason, 245-5939 or jyaris@malama-pono.org to coordinate potluck.  If you don't want to worry about food, contribute $20 to Jason to organize your meals.  Important:  let Jason know if you're coming.

November 21, Sunday ALOHA MOVIE NIGHT, 7:30pm, Jason & Scott's in Lihu`e.   Feature:  "Wild Reeds,"  245-5939 or jyaris@malama-pono.org for directions, questions, etc.

November 22, Monday FULL MOON

November 25, Thursday THANKSGIVING DINNER  Malama Pono is having their annual thanksgiving dinner at Bill's House in Wailua Homesteads from 1pm to 7 pm.  The BTLG community is invited.  If you would like to bring a dish, please call Jason at 246-9577 extension 27 to coordinate.  Call Bill at 823-0498 for directions.

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