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From A Maui Correspondent

A Gay friendly business on Maui and a fun place to eat is Stella Blues in Kihei

A place that worked against us in the election because they believed that Marriage should only be between a man & woman is Shaka Pizza & Sandwich.  I will never forgive them ever.

  • Call the Women's Events Information Hotline, 573-3077, to find out what's happening; both women's and all-lesbian events are included.

  • Lesbian potluck/video night happens monthly  -  resident and visiting dykes are welcome!  Call Jackie at 879-2971 for date and location.

  • Maui Pride 2000 planning is underway; call David at 242-4900 x113 to participate.

Some of this information was originally published in Da Kine magazine
2410 Cleghorn St. #2302
Honolulu, HI 96815
Fax (808)922-6124

published in Outlook
a bi-montly newspaper of the
Gay & Lesbian Community Center
1566 Wilder Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822
Fax (808)951-7240









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