Cover Letter For Forwarding Mike Gabbard's Appeal

Dear Friends,

 I really am impressed with this fellows crusade, to stand up for what is right against all odds. I am encouraging everyone to not only make a contribution but to please pass this email on to everyone you know who could help and or make a donation.  Together we can change the world and perform small miracles.

A hui ho,

Lehua (name changed to protect the writer)

Mike Gabbard's Appeal For Money


By way of introduction, my name is Mike Gabbard. As chairman of the Alliance for Traditional Marriage-Hawaii, I helped lead the 10-year battle in Hawaii to preserve traditional marriage.

In 1998, because of our successful statewide grassroots campaign here in the Aloha State, and your support from the mainland via contributions, prayers, ideas, strategies, etc., we passed a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. Our efforts produced a 70% voter approval, which I believe helped influence the rejection of "same-sex marriage" in Vermont, the overwhelming recent vote against "same-sex marriage" in California, and the increasing passage of state laws prohibiting the recognition of "same-sex marriages". (In Alaska, pro-family supporters also amended their constitution preserving traditional marriage with a 68% margin.)

Our work collectively has not only helped Hawaii and the rest of our country, itís even had an impact internationally. Recently, while attending the World Congress of Families II conference in Switzerland as a delegate, I was swamped by pro-family advocates who praised the Hawaii marriage victory and said that it has given them the courage to stand up against homosexual activists in their own countries.

As I thought back about our successful campaign, I remembered vividly how though we came from many different races, religions, political parties, etc., we all worked together to take a stand for what we knew was right (kupono) against the attempt to undermine our society's deeply held values. And we did it with love, compassion and respect for others (aloha). Indeed, our campaign was powered by kupono and aloha. It was an incredible phenomenon of democracy at its best and a great honor to be a part of.

I am writing this letter to you because I need your help once again. After long consideration and consultation with friends and family, I have decided to run for Congress representing the 1st Congressional District here in Hawaii. This means unseating the incumbent Neil Abercrombie, a career-politician, who has consistently voted against family-friendly issues.

Although I have nothing but aloha for Mr. Abercrombie as a person, his values appear to be completely out of touch with Hawaii's families. The evidence of this is his voting record throughout the years on important issues that impact families. Here are just three examples:

He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.  He voted against the removal of the marriage penalty tax, which costs married couples an average of $1400 more in taxes than two people filing separately. He voted five times against the passage of a ban on partial birth abortion (more accurately called partial birth infanticide), even though these bills include an exemption if the mother ís life is in danger.

I'm not a career politician, nor do I have the desire to ever be one. I consider myself a "citizen legislator" who will do my best to represent the people of Hawaii in Washington, DC.

I'm also not saying I have all the solutions to the problems that face us as a state and nation. What I am promising is that I will approach these challenges with an understanding that the well being of our children and families the foundation of society is our number one priority.

My wife Carol and I have been married for 31 years. We have five children and five grandchildren. As a husband and dad, an educator, a small businessman, a proven pro-family fighter and a leader in the battle to save traditional marriage, I will do my best to bring our values to Congress and into our public policies. I ask for your prayers, and your financial support to help make my campaign a success.

It ís a classic David and Goliath battle!  If you'd like to help, please make out a check and mail to: Mike Gabbard for Congress, P.O. Box 27004, Honolulu, HI 96827. You can reach us at 808-523-0479. (Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules do not allow corporate or foreign contributions.  Individual contributions are limited to a maximum of $1000 for the primary, and $1000 for the general election).

Another way you can help is to email this message to your network of family and friends. Please send a cover letter and this message to at least 5 other people and ask them to do the same. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless. (Ke Akua me ke Aloha).


Mike Gabbard

P.S. You'll soon be able to get updates on the campaign, as well as contribute online by checking