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Honolulu Advertiser, February 18, 2000
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Donations Offered For Prostitute's Memorial
By Tanya Bricking, Advertiser Staff Writer

The death of a homeless transsexual has touched strangers across O`ahu who want to make sure Peter Seidel did not die in vain.
    Seidel, also known as "Julia" or "Jill," was a prostitute with mental problems and AIDS who died Feb. 3 of an apparent drug overdose.  Seidel's body ended up unclaimed at the morgue.
    Following a story on Seidel in Sunday's Advertiser, Our Family Christian Church set up a fund to raise money for "Jill's House," what members hope will become a drug and alcohol treatment center for transgendered people, co-pastor Barbara Riley said.
    The church is also planning a March 3 memorial service.  Others are planning a March 2 candlelight vigil in A`ala Park, the Chinatown area where Seidel lived on the streets and was later found unconscious.  Someone has donated a burial plot for Seidel at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.
    Tammy Wronski, a transsexual and recovering alcoholic who was a friend of Seidel's, said part of the problem in finding treatment for Seidel was that "there's really no recovery house for us girls."
    Lydia Willis, a former heroin addict who took Seidel into her Wai`anae home for a time, is among those who want that to change.  "The transgender people, it's like they have no place to go," Willis said.
    Jill's House would be a halfway house and "a lasting tribute to a young woman who received so little respect in life," said Carolyn Golojuch, president of the O`ahu branch of Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.
    The state has turned Seidel's body over to Ultimate Cremation Services of Hawai`i, which will place Seidel's ashes in a crypt at O`ahu Cemetery until a search for Seidel's relatives is exhausted.
    Those who never knew Seidel are making donations, church member Kimiko Teramoto said.