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Mostly Oahu events are listed on this page, with regular Oahu events listed after this table.  Click here to read regular Oahu events.

Last Updated: 09-03-2001

9:00 - 10: 00 pm
Cable Channel 52 on Olelo

"Out In Paradise" TV Program
for January
9 to 10 pm Sundays, Channel 52
For more information, call John at 923-8829.

Non-Oahu Events
Information Numbers For Updates On Events, 
compiled by Martin Rice on Kauai
Kaua'i 823-MAHU

Kaua`i's MAHU line is being updated weekly, usually on Fridays.  Or email Martin at lambda@aloha.net or email Liz at lizbrie@gte.net

Hilo & Puna Side of the Big Island 969-9815

The Hilo and Puna side of the Big Island recently installed a new information line for events there, with the help of the Big Island Aids Project.

NEW:  check out PFLAG-Hilo's web site for Big Island events and information:  http://www.dr8.net/pflag-hilo.html

Maui 245-GLOM (maintained by the Gay and Lesbian 'Ohana Maui).  Also consult Out In Maui, a newspaper published on Maui, whose email address is gaymaui@maui.net


Regular Oahu Events

Sundays | Mondays | Tuesdays | Wednesdays
Thursdays | Fridays | Saturdays | Daily
Some of this information was originally published in Da Kine magazine
2410 Cleghorn St. #2302
Honolulu, HI 96815
Fax (808)922-6124

published in Outlook
a bi-montly newspaper of the
Gay & Lesbian Community Center
2424 S Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96826
Fax (808)951-7240


Irregularly scheduled events are listed in another table.  Click here to go to that table.









Last Updated: 09-03-2001

To have an event posted on this website, please write E-mail to Marriage Project-Hawaii at MPH@hawaii.rr.com, or telephone (808) 942-3737.