Yoga Hawaii - in the Kripalu tradition
1152 Koko Head Ave., #203
(formerly occupied by the Bikram Yoga College,
just around the corner from Prosperity Corner)
or (Tania Ingrahm's email)

teachers: Tania Jo Ingrahm, Cheryl Embry, Evelyn Crow

private sessions are available
as well as regular classes (the class schedule is below)

Opening month special: 10% off all class cards bought in October
(to be used within one month of purchase).

Kripalu Yoga, a compassionate style of hatha yoga, offers a meditative experience for unlocking tensions and achieving peace of mind.  This site was previously occupied by the Bikram Yoga College, which has moved to new quarters two buildings down from its previous location.

So what's different about Kripalu Yoga? The trademarks of Kripalu Yoga, named after swami Kripalvanandji, the late enlightened swami from India, is its meditative, inward focus and its emphasis on the breath. Both features encourage a sense of peace and deep relaxation, which begins to flow over into everyday life.  If you've every wanted to learn more about this ancient system for achieving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, then come experience hatha yoga at Yoga Hawaii. You don't have to be flexible to begin; you can start wherever you are. Soon you will notice your body unfolding, gaining more tone and flexibility, stamina and strength. Other benefits include increased focus, a quieter mind, more self-acceptance, and joy.

7:30am - Pranayama Study (Breathwork) w/ Cheryl
4pm - Intermediate Yoga w/ Tania
5:45pm - Novice Yoga w/ Tania

Noon - Yoga Flow (45 minutes) w/ Cheryl
5:45pm - Novice Yoga w/ Evelyn

7:30am - Yoga (all levels) w/ Cheryl
4pm - Novice Yoga w/ Tania
5:45pm - Intermediate Yoga w/ Tania

THURSDAYS - Kaimana Beach, Kapiolani Park
7-8:15am - Stretch & Swim (The swim portion will include drills to improve technique as well as a workout to increase fitness.) w/ Tania
Noon - Pranayama practice (45 minutes) w/ Cheryl

7:30am - Yoga (all levels) w/ Cheryl

Noon - Novice Yoga (Archery Range, Kapiolani Park on Paki Avenue) w/ Tania
2:30pm - Novice II Yoga (At the studio) w/ Tania

All classes are 1-1/2 hours unless otherwise noted.
Please bring a towel/mat and pillow. Wear comfortable clothing.

Yoga Hawaii offers classes for all levels:

Please feel free to talk to us regarding any concerns about your ability to participate in any of the classes.

About our teachers:
Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher Cheryl Embry (Rupali), has been teaching in the Kripalu tradition since 1985. Also trained in rebirthing and advanced breathwork techniques, her emphasis with her students is on "feeling within," so that yoga becomes a personal experience of self discovery.

Evelyn Crow, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, has had a personal yoga and meditation practice and for 15 years. She encourages her students to integrate mind, body, and spirit while on the path to total relaxation and stress relief.

Tania Jo Ingrahm, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and competitive triathlete, has 11 years of Kripalu yoga experience and has coached triathletes and runners for the past five years. By integrating yoga and sport, her athletes learn to transform their experience of fitness and competition, and maximize their potential in stressful, competitive situations. They are also encouraged to apply yogic tools in daily life, reducing stress and improving the quality of their lives.

Class Fees
Unlimited classes per month = $125
8 classes per month = $88 ($11/class)
4 classes per month = $48 ($12/class)
Single class = $13
First class = $5
Class cards can be used for any of the scheduled classes and must be used within one month of purchase.