(edited from the first to third person by Marriage Project-Hawaii)
(September 7, 1999 Update is appended below)

In February 1999, Al and Jane Nakatani established a not for profit corporation. There are several reasons for this; but the most important being that we now have the ability to solicit tax deductible contributions necessary to support our growing activities. They have complied with all aspects necessary to create a non-profit corporation and are awaiting approval on the last step....receiving IRS approval of our request for non-profit status. In the meantime, they are assured, during this waiting period, that all contributions to Honor Thy Children, Inc. will be tax deductible as they now operate under another non-profit organization called "Save The Food Basket, Inc." With generous tax deductible contributions from three sources, they have been able to establish HTC, Inc. to the point where it now exists. In addition, pro-bono legal and accounting services have been made available to them, to insure that they are in total compliance as a non-profit entity.

Honor Thy Children Speaking Program: Since 1994 Al and Jane have been conducting their Speaking Educational Program which has taken them throughout the State of Hawaii and to points across the Nation. This program has been well-received and continues to be in demand.

Honor Thy Children Educational Kit: Traveling across the country with their speaking program has been both rewarding and taxing on them. Their plans are to always be available to those who wish to schedule their presentations and workshops but they have decided to also develop an educational documentary kit that can serve as an educational tool by others. This should both free them from being the only "educational source" as it relates to our Honor Thy Children educational program, while at the same time, increasing their "span of influence". This project is already under development, but funds are necessary to (1) to assist in the completion of the 90 minute film documentary "Honor Thy Children" which is now in post-production development; (2) to modify the 90 minute documentary for educational use; (3) to edit, refine and incorporate existing video resources currently used in the educational speaking program; (4) to pay for expenses associated with the costs of formatting the video/film material on a variety of formats, including CD-ROM's and Digital Video Discs; (5) develop instructional manuals that will assist in the use of the educational materials and (6) design and create the "binder/package" that will house all the materials referenced above. To be included in the educational kit will be a paperback version of Honor Thy Children, which is currently under development by the publisher, Conari Press, and will be made available to the Nakatani's at discount.

Honor Thy Children Empowerment Training Conference: Al and Jane are currently developing the foundation to offer, either on a quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis an Empowerment Training Program. The program will be based on the empowerment process created for their own healing, survival and role as educators. They know that their empowerment process can be helpful to others for personal and/or professional purposes.

Honor Thy Children Youth Human and Civil Rights Programs: Al and Jane have been thinking of ways to create, support, and sustain Youth Human and Civil Rights programs.  Such programs/activities will be designed to empower young people to promote civil and human rights activities for ALL young people. This program will require the involvement of other community organizations and programs. They envision major involvement of diverse young people in all phases of the program.

Honor Thy Children, the Book: The book, Honor Thy Children,  is currently out of stock.  Those of you who have hardcover editions, know that you have a "collectors" edition, should the book attain such "status" over time. 10,000 copies have been sold, considered an achievement given the fact that it was never actively marketed. When the book was being written and made it to publication, the thinking was that Honor Thy Children would be a "hard sell". Thanks to all of you for proving the "experts" wrong. Plans call for a paperback edition of Honor Thy Children to be available sometime in September/October 1999, with a new cover; one that will dovetail the full-feature film Honor Thy Children, by Francisco Leon.

Honor Thy Children, The Film: This project has been under development for about 2 years. It has, until recently, been financed by the producer himself. HTC, Inc. has been able to, in a modest amount, financially assist towards the completion of the film which is currently in the post production phase. On July 25, there will be a screening of the first 15-20 minutes of the film, which will also serve as the film's trailer. Al and Jane will have a copy of the trailer which will, they believe, significantly enhance their ability to raise funds. This has been a tough journey for them.....but they are excited and pleased about its near completion. This documentary is considered a critical and significant part of our educational/documentary kit.

The Honor Campaign: Shortly, Al and Jane hope to launch their ongoing fund raising program which we have designated "The Honor Campaign". All contributions are tax deductible.  The goal of "The Honor Campaign" is to raise enough contributions so as to eventually enable HTC, Inc. to be self-sufficient in it's operations.

Some Thoughts From Al and Jane (in the first person): Since taking the steps to go public in 1994, we have journeyed on a road of life that has been simply unbelievable and certainly unforeseen.  We have, on an invitation only basis, been given the opportunity to make hundreds of presentations and meet thousands of so many wonderful people. By doing so, we have been able to "keep alive" the dignity and honor of our sons; Glen, Greg and Guy, and in some ways, however large or small, helped others to find some semblance of validation, hope and improved well-being. Because of these experiences, we remain totally dedicated to our cause. Our journey has taken us to many communities, places we never dreamed we would be invited to.....by people we thought we would never meet. We have laughed and enjoyed the wonderful times with many wonderful people; while still sharing tears with many of them who have undeservedly been placed under circumstances of being denigrated. For many of us, we have worked together to restore dignity and honor into our respective lives. And of course, there are many of you who we still need to meet, face to face; while there are so many others that we would like to be able to get to know better. Along the way, we have felt and basked in your support, love and appreciation of us; and we want you to know that it has not gone unnoticed. In addition, some of you have taken concrete steps to recognize our efforts. Certificates, plaques, crystal, etc. are tangible evidence of our efforts being validated; for which we are truly honored and indebted. Support by the Saratoga and Los Gatos High School community; the Japanese-American Citizens League (National Youth Council); cities of Los Angeles and West Los Angeles; the Gay Asian Pacific Support Network (Los Angeles); the Protect Our Constitution Campaign (Honolulu), the American Friends Service Committee (Hawaii); the Human Rights Campaign (Washington D.C.; and National PFLAG (Washington D.C.) have helped to empower us to go on. In 1999 alone, we have been recognized by the National Association of Social Workers (Hawaii Region); The Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center (National Award); and by the National Education Association who honored us with the Ellison S. Onizuka Memorial Award for our contributions in the area of Human and Civil Rights. As we reflect on our journey, nearing the end of the 20th century and continuing into the new millennium, our vision and commitment to doing what we can to provide safer passage for ALL of our children remains solidly in place. We hope you all will agree that our visions have expanded, by the nature of what we have shared with you above; and humbly ask that you all will continue to support our future efforts and programs.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much),

Jane & Al Nakatani

September 7, 1999 Update

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We are pleased to inform all of you that Honor Thy Children, Inc. has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service re: its 501 c 3 tax exempt status.  Up to now, Honor Thy Children, Inc. was able to receive tax deductible contributions through Save The Food Basket, Inc.  We are deeply grateful for the support given to HTC, Inc. by Save The Food Basket, Inc. and its Director, John Manion.  To those of you who have made contributions to HTC, Inc. through Save The Food Basket, Inc., Jane and I thank you for providing the financial support that has allowed us to progress to this point in our development.

HTC, Inc. supports our speaking program, but more importantly, is allowing us to create an educational kit that would enable us to distribute written, audio-visual and film material to individuals, human service organizations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, etc. designed to promote the understanding and management of human denigration.  Support of HTC, Inc. with tax deductible contributions will go towards the purchasing, developing and reproducing of educational materials that HTC, Inc. believes will be significant in the helping of individuals, families and our society, not only understand how human denigration affects all of us; but that we must learn how to better empower young people to better defend and protect themselves against those denigrating experiences they are likely to encounter simply because of who and what they are.

As you consider who will receive your tax deductible contributions, and we realize there are many worthwhile organization and causes to support, please consider Honor Thy Children, Inc. as one worthy of consideration.  For those of you that decide, or will decide to support HTC, Inc., your tax deductible contributions can be sent to:

Honor Thy Children, Inc.
P.O. Box 962
Wailuku, HI 96793-0962
215 Alu Road
Wailuku, HI 96793

With respect and gratitude,

Al&Jane Nakatani
Honor Thy Children, Inc.

For further info: Telephone 808 244-3175 or e-mail janakatani@aol.com