From the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai'i

BE IT RESOLVED that the 31st Annual Meeting of the Convention of the Diocese of Hawai`i respects the dignity of every human being and recognizes their full inclusion in the life of the church. Thus we affirm:

  1. Sexuality is part of our being that God has given us.

  2. Homosexuality and heterosexuality, as orientations, are morally neutral.

  3. All gays and lesbians are children of God, and those who are in faithful and committed relationships are to be supported.

  4. The marginalization of persons through the quotation of isolated texts is inconsistent with the  Anglican approach to scripture.

  5. All baptized Christians can be called to any order of ministry in the church.

  6. This position is consistent with our Anglican tradition, which values the gifts of reason and truth as revealed to us by the Holy Spirit; and that

  7. This position is based on the witness of Holy Scripture.

A copy of this Resolution will be sent to the Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and all active Bishops of the Episcopal Church in America.


Our Diocese is blessed with a large community of gay men and lesbian women who serve the best interests of the Communion as it seeks to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They give their time and talent to support the work of our churches and the Diocese. We seek to reaffirm our loving commitment to gay men and lesbian women in our Diocese that we endorse their full inclusion in the life of our Church."