Political Religious Extremists Reject
the King James Version of The Bible

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP)  - In a somewhat surprising announcement three right wing Christian groups - the Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition and Americans For Truth About Homosexuality - have announced that they were urging their members to cease using the King James Version of the Bible, known as the KJV.

The King James Version was commissioned by King James I of England (also known as James VI of Scotland) and produced in 1611.  Scholars are now fairly certain that James was a homosexual. Biographer David Harris Willson who authored "King James VI and I" is in no doubt.  "Oh, yes. James had a number of 'favorites' such as the Earl of Somerset, and the Duke of Buckingham with whom he undoubtedly had sexual relationships."

Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council, who only days ago announced he was considering a run for the Republican nomination in 2000, has said that Christians should cease using the translation and use instead a more recent version of the Bible such as "The Good News Bible" or the Revised Standard Version.  Speaking at a press conference Gary Bauer said, "I feel uncomfortable that good Christians all over America, and indeed the world, are using a document commissioned by a homosexual.  Anything that has been commissioned by a homosexual has obviously been tainted in some way".

Standing alongside Bauer, Peter LaBarbera of the Washington D.C.-based Americans For Truth About Homosexuality agreed. "The Homosexual has from the earliest times sought to subvert Christianity in many subtle ways - some so subtle that we scarcely notice.  I would ask Christians to check who is responsible for both the translation as well as the editing of their Bibles.  We all need to be vigilant."

Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition which is based in Virginia sent apologies for not being able to attend the press conference.  In a phone conversation he said, "It is very important that we stand up to the homosexual wherever and whenever he appears."

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