Instructions on How to Submit

We will walk you through the procedure with 4 simple steps.  :o)

1) Copy
Please copy the following text (marked between ">>-- Start Copying Here --<<" and ">>-- Stop Here --<<").  To copy, use your mouse highlight the text, then hold down "Ctrl" key, and press "c".  (Ctrl-c)

>>-- Start Copying Here --<<

If this is an update of your address or E-mail address, please state so and be sure to include your first name and last name.  We cannot update your info without knowing who you are.  Middle name is optional, but helpful.   Thank you.

    First Name:
    Middle Name:
    Last Name:  
    Is this an update of address change?
Contact Information
    Home Phone:
    Work/Business Phone:

Mailing Address  (Please include Zip Code)

>>--  Stop Here --<<


2) Click HERE to open an E-mail window.
You will notice that an E-mail window opened automatically for you.

3) Paste
On the E-mail window, click the body part of E-mail, so a cursor appears blinking in the body part of your E-mail.
To paste, hold down "Ctrl" key, and press "v".  (Ctrl-v)

4) Fill the form out, and send us the Mail!
Please complete the E-mail, and click "Send" button to send your information to us.

Congratulations and thank you very much for your information!!!