March 3, 1996 (1)

Constitutional Amendment Passes First Floor Vote in Hawaii House, 41-7;
Second House Floor Vote Set for 9 A.M., Tuesday, March 5

Friday, March 1, operating under suspended rules, the Hawaii House received a recommendation from it's judiciary committee of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman only. After some floor debate, in which several representatives
objected vigorously and cogently, the House voted 41 to 7 to approve the amendment. This is well above the 2/3 majority needed to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. This is the so-called "second reading" in the parliamentary procedure. A third, and usually final, "reading" will be held Tuesday, March 5, at 9 am.

If the Constitutional amendment survives 3rd reading, the ball moves into the Senate's court. The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has already voted AGAINST any constitutional amendment by a vote of 4 to 3. The Senate is preparing to vote a domestic partnership bill on Tuesday as well (the House Judiciary committee killed domestic partnerships by a wide margin). Now, eyeball to eyeball, ........ 

                Tom Ramsey
                Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage 

P.S. The Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage Project, HERMP, is the sole support of the work of Dan Foley on Baehr v. Lewin (Foley is the attorney who makes all court appearances on behalf of the plaintiff couples). Please be generous in support of HERMP; Hawaii is a small state, and the tiny gay and lesbian community here is very active in advocacy work which HERMP cannot address. Donations to HERMP are fully tax-deductible, and should be made out to 

1521 Alexander Street, #503
Honolulu, HI 96822.

The HERMP branch in Kona, on the Big Island, has produced a T-shirt for sale. One can send a check for $17.50 to HERMP, P.O.Box 902, Captain Cook, HI 96704, together with a note about being sent a T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL). It is also available in a tank top. The design is multi-color on white. A large triangle points down, with the letters h.e.r.m.p above the triangle, some male-male, female-female symbols in the border of the triangle and some palm trees. To place an email order for T-shirts, or to obtain more information, please email An image of the T-shirt is available via the web on

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