March 14, 1996

Court Rebuffs 8 Legislators

Judge Kevin Chang denied the request of 8 legislators to intervene in the court case Baehr v. Miike (scheduled for circuit court hearing of compelling state interests on August 1). The 8 legislators will appeal Judge Chang's ruling to the Hawaii Supreme Court. This is essentially
a replay of the Mormon motions filed last year, by much the same legal team but with new plaintiffs. Added to the opposing side is Jay Seculo, attorney with Randall Terry and ACLJ (Pat Robertson's legal think tank), and tons of cameras. The RRR is filming the proceedings for national fundraising efforts.

Crossover date in the legislature finally came and went. The House and the Senate remain opposed, one pushing domestic partnership and one pushing a constitutional amendment to ban same-gender marriage.  The next cross-over hurdle is about 5 weeks away. The RRR is turning up the heat on the legislature, by broadcasting on Honolulu's top radio stations; their advertisements call on legislators to pass the constitutional amendment to ban same-gender marriage. HERMP volunteers are countering with constituent pressure. It's the Goliath RRR versus the David hermp; we have logic, common sense and charity on our side, they have fear, prejudice and discrimination on theirs. To say the least, it's an interesting contest.

Please ignore whatever Tom Coleman says about the legislature in Hawaii; he has never consulted h.e.r.m.p or Dan Foley on anything at anytime.  h.e.r.m.p supports domestic partnerships as a (limited) good thing in themselves and has so testified repeatedly; our strategy may result in getting both DP and marriage---but we will never trade marriage for DP.

                Tom Ramsey
                Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage

Web sites for HERMP information:

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For legal documents related to Baehr v. Lewin (now Baehr v. Miike):
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The Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage Project, HERMP, is the sole support of the work of Dan Foley on Baehr v. Lewin (Foley is the attorney who makes all court appearances on behalf of the plaintiff couples). Please be generous in support of HERMP; Hawaii is a small state, and the tiny gay and lesbian community here is very active in advocacy work which HERMP cannot address.  Donations to HERMP are fully tax-deductible, and should be made out to
1521 Alexander Street, #503
Honolulu, HI 96822.

The HERMP branch in Kona, on the Big Island, has produced a T-shirt for sale. One can send a check for $17.50 to HERMP, P.O.Box 902, Captain Cook, HI 96704, together with a note about being sent a T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL). It is also available in a tank top. The design is multi-color on white. A large triangle points down, with the letters h.e.r.m.p above the triangle, some male-male, female-female symbols in the border of the triangle and some palm trees. To place an email order for T-shirts, or to obtain more information, please email An image of the T-shirt is available via the WEB on

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