January 22, 1997 (2)

Terrance Tom Sends Two Bills To The House Floor

There was only one "no" vote in the House Judiciary Committee on HB 117, which is a proposed constitutional amendment to give the legislature the power to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples.  Three voted with "yes with reservations".  But a "yes" is a "yes" is a "yes" .....

All voted "yes", many with reservations, on HB 118 which would created "reciprocal beneficiary" status for those people who can't otherwise marry (father and daughter, mother and son, brothers, gays, lesbians, etc.).  It lists four rights:

  1. hospital visitation and making medical decisions,
  2. to be able to sue for wrongful death,
  3. inheritance rights in probate court (3% for one year, 3% or 4 % for each additional year of beneficiary status, up to a maximum of 50%, in case one of the beneficiaries dies without a valid will),
  4. holding property by tenancy in the entirety.
The full House will act upon these bills within a week.

                        Tom Ramsey
                        Friends of h.e.r.m.p
                        Ex-Officio, h.e.r.m.p Steering Committee

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