October 2, 1997

Jerry Falwell On "Gay" Marriage

Appended are some excerpts from a Jerry Falwell appeal for funds.  As you might notice, we are the number one fundraising issue for them.  So, as a matter of pure survival, the political religious extemists will continue to pound the drums of hatred.  They are moving into Hawaii big-time, buying at least one radio station, a TV station, and media production facilities.

We of course have under 2,500 contributors throughout the world to the fight for marriage rights in Hawaii.  To support the fight for marriage rights in Hawaii, please send a donation to
                        Marriage Project - Hawaii
                        PO Box 11690
                        Honolulu, HI 96828

Donations to Marriage Project - Hawaii are tax-deductible (for the legal case, education, and limited lobbying).  If you wish for your donation to directly fight the constitutional amendment issue in Hawaii, on the November 1998 ballot, your NON-TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation should be made out to FRIENDS OF MARRIAGE PROJECT HAWAII (same PO Box).  FRIENDS also has a 900 number, 1-900-97-MARRY for donations up to $25 which are billed to the calling phone number (must be 18+).

                        Tom Ramsey
                        Ex-Officio, Steering Committee of Marriage Project - Hawaii

A Jerry Falwell Appeal Letter

 "I'm afraid the gay `marriage' thing might win.  I think the homosexual activists are likely to do well in the Supreme Court."
-- Judge Robert Bork
       former Supreme Court nominee
Dear Friend,

These are chilling words!

And a stern warning to all who cherish traditional marriage.

Congress recently passed the Defense of Marriage Act aimed at preventing legalized "homosexual marriage."

This was a step in the right direction that we worked very hard to achieve -- but if you think the fight over same-sex marriage is over, think again.

The battle is far from over!


Many legal experts expect one or more lower federal courts to rule the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

This would pave the way for legalized homosexual "marriage!"

Judge Bork says we are likely headed for a constitutional fight which will lead straight to the Supreme Court.  And, if a recent Supreme Court decision is any indication, the institution of marriage in America is in serious trouble!


If the Supreme Court upholds legalized same-sex marriage, I believe America will be courting the wrath of God.

Legalizing homosexual "marriages" has long been the NUMBER ONE priority of organizing homosexuals.  Now they are
counting on liberal judges to force their perversion on America!

And these liberal courts, backed by the Supreme Court, would force America to accept legalized gay marriage -- placing
perversion on the sacred altar of marriage. 

That is why I need your help to convince the Congress to pass a Traditional Marriage Amendment.

If the Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage -- it will open a "Pandora's Box of Perversion," including  [a long list---"Man boy" love associations, Increased child pornography, Polygamy, Homosexual lifestyle sex-ed school programs, homosexual
couples in the military....]

America will truly become a another Sodom and Gomorrah.


Help me pressure your two senators to pass a "Traditional Marriage Constitutional Amendment" before its too late. [sic]

I want to be able to flood Congress with ONE MILLION of these petitions -- enough to shock them into taking quick action.


Radical homosexual lawyers are already preparing to use liberal judges to force the American public to accept their perversion.


                                            Working to Save America, 


                                            Jerry Falwell 

P.S.  Judge Bork was absolutely correct......


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