November 4, 1997

The Hawaii Supreme Court Is Clearing Out Some Of Its Backlog

Martin Rice of Kauai provided the information on which this message is based (Martin is very active in politics, especially as a member of the State Central Committee of Hawaii's Democratic Party).

"The Hawaii Supreme Court has served notice that it will issue a decision (Case No. 19765) on a 1995 request by eight Hawaii House of Representative members who sued to enjoin the state as defendants in Baehr v. Miike .....This decision will be made without hearing oral arguments, and the decision can be expected to be announced next month (November '97)." Note added by Tom Ramsey:  the eight legislators wanted to be co-defendants with the state in Baehr v Miike, and present their own case against same-gender marriage as opposed to having the Attorney General represent them.  So far, the Atorney General's office has represented the state and the state includes the legislature.

"There is still, as of this date, no timetable available regarding the decision on the State's appeal of Judge Chang's December 1996 order to issue marriage licenses to the three same-gender couples (Case No. 20371).  To be certain, same-gender marriage is currently legal in the State of Hawaii, but the state is not required to issue those licenses under the stay of execution ordered by Judge Chang, during which time his decision is reviewed by the Hawaii Supreme Court."

                        Best Regards,

                        Tom Ramsey
                        Ex-officio, Marriage Project - Hawaii

P.S.  As we all await the Hawaii Supreme Courts decisions, those opposed to same-gender marriage are planning an intense campaign for the November 1998 election.  On the ballot is a proposed constitutional amendment that would overturn the Baehr v. Miike court case by giving the legislature the power to limit marriage to heterosexual couples.  The campaign against us will be at least a factor of ten greater than what we've faced so far.

How can you help?  Donations to continue Baehr v. Miike can be sent to
                        Marriage Project - Hawaii
                        PO Box 11690
                        Honolulu, HI 96828
to pay Dan Foley's fees, support the court case, do limited lobbying, and public education.  Donations to Marriage Project - Hawaii are fully tax-deductible.

Donations to fight political campaigns are NOT tax deductible and may be sent to
                        Friends of Marriage Project Hawaii
                        PO Box 11690
                        Honolulu, HI 96828

Friends of Marriage Project - Hawaii also has a 900 number (1-900-97-MARRY) for donations that can be billed to the calling phone number (must be 18+; phone charge limited to $25).

Marriage Project - Hawaii is  THE ONLY HAWAII ORGANIZATION authorized by Dan Foley, the Hawaii attorney in Baehr v. Miike,  to raise money on behalf of the court case Baehr v. Miike.  If you wonder about the role of Bill Woods,
who styles himself as "the father of the Hawaii's gay rights movement", PLEASE TELEPHONE Dan Foley at (808) 526-9500.  Foley and the three plaintiff couples had to distance themselves from Bill Woods in 1993, for extremely good reasons.

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