March 20, 1998

SATURN in Hawaii

SATURN Of Honolulu

I have no idea why, but SATURN of Honolulu has given $625 to Save Traditional Marriage '98, the political campaign to change Hawaii's constitution so that same-sex marriages can be banned.

If you own a SATURN, or own GM stock, or having any connection whatsoever with SATURN Corporation, please politely inquire about why SATURN is active in anti-gay politics in Hawaii.

The SATURN donation was reported in "Pacific Business News", a weekly newspaper in Honolulu.

                        Tom Ramsey
                        President, Friends of Marriage Project - Hawaii
                        Ex-Officio, Steering Committee
                        Marriage Project - Hawaii

P.S. The Honolulu Advertiser, the morning daily in Honolulu, reported this morning that Fort Lauderdale in Florida courts gay tourists: 500,000 went to Fort Lauderdale last year and spent an average of $1000 each. That's a cool $500 million. In the meantime, Hawaii's state government is laying off workers, cutting benefits and pay for state workers, and cutting services in general, due to a budget crisis. Go figure!

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