The Human Rights Campaign
Endorses Al Gore For President

Go to http://www.hrc.org for a moving description (including a lengthy Q&A) that Al Gore has a powerful track record in defending gays and lesbians.

Republican Party of Hawaii
725 Kapiolani Blvd C105
Honolulu, HI 96813
phone:  593-8180

GLBT status:  Bush and Quayle are terrible.  "Compassionate conservatism" means that we drive our GLBTQ youth to suicide, alcoholism and drugs with self-hate and loathing.  The Hawaii party is schizophrenic about GLBTQ's.  Senator Sam Slom has been parroting Mike Gabbard of late (speech opposing Dan Foley's judgeship).  However, Party Chair Linda Lingle and the State Central Committee have endorsed the new Department of Education non-discrimination policy.  This policy mentions GLBTQ students among the specific forms of harrassment that are prohibited.  The Democratic Party Chair and central committee have been conspicuously silent on the new DoE policy.

Democratic Party of Hawaii
404 Ward Ave Ste 201
Honolulu, HI 96814

phone:  596-2980

GLBT status:  Gore and Lieberman are good!  In Gore's acceptance speech, he specifically supported hate crimes legislation and laws banning discrimination against GLBTQ's in employment.  However, the Hawaii Democratic party is schizophrenic about gays and lesbians.  In some instances, the Republican party leadership is better than the leadership of the Democratic party (e.g., BoE policy).  Homophobia runs deep in about one third of all Democratic legislators.  When the going gets tough, we are the first group jettisoned off the canoe.  I guess that's what hate and prejudice is all about, isn't it?

Please thank 

Neil Abercrombie
Congresswoman Patsy Mink
Senator Dan Inouye,
 and Senator Dan Akaka  

for cosponsoring ENDA (a federal bill to ban discrimination in employment) and The Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act!  Click here for address information.  See also the Human Rights Campaign web site ( http://www.hrcusa.org/) for detailed information about these bills.

Bob Stauffer has written an essay on "Religious Rights In 19th Century Hawaii".  Did you know that the Kingdom of
Hawaii once refused to recognize Mormon (and other minority) marriages, and that religiously based persecution was relatively common? Bob holds that Hawaii had a state religion earlier in the 19th century, and uses highlights of that history to argue against the mistake of mixing church and state.
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