Please Help With The Federal Hate Crimes Act
(HR. 1082 and S. 622)
and ENDA (HR. 1858 and S. 869)
On March 11, 1999, Patsy Mink, Neil Abercrombie and cosponsored the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  On March 16 Senator Dan Akaka joined them and on June 14 Senator Dan Akaka did likewise.  Please contact their offices to thank them! This act includes sexual orientation in its scope, and will be valuable in jurisdictions where the local authorities are reluctant to prosecute hate crimes.  Many people donít realize it, but the federal anti-lynching laws were the first historical example of federal (and very useful) involvement in the area of hate crimes.
Also, PLEASE THANK Hawaii's two senators and two congresspeople, Congresswoman Patsy Mink, Congressman Neil AbercrombieSenator Dan Akaka and Senator Dan Akaka for cosponsoring ENDA, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would provide federal protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  For more information go to the Human Rights Campaign web site for extensive information on the content of these bills (click on the button on the left, marked "Issues Explained"):

Congresswoman Patsy Mink  (this is a web site; it will ask for a zip code in her district, such as 96792)
541-1986 (local from Oahu)
245-1951 (local from Kaua`i)
242-1818 (local from Maui)
935-3756 (local from the Big Island)
Congressman Neil Abercrombie
808 541 2570 (local call from Oahu)
Prince Kuhio Federal Building
Room 4-104
Honolulu, HI 96850
Senator Daniel Inouye
541 2542 (local call from Oahu)
Prince Kuhio Federal Building
Room 7-212
Honolulu, HI 96850
Senator Daniel Akaka
522 8970 (local from Oahu)
246-0033 (local from Kaua`i)
244-7552 (local from Maui)
935-1114 (local from the Big Island)
553-5496 (local from Moloka`i)
Prince Kuhio Federal Building
Room 3-106
PO Box 50144
Honolulu, HI 96850

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